H27 チェンマイ大学からの留学生


6f2af146277fd7fc55bac74ad8c2dcb5_M.jpgチェンマイ大学(協定校)Taratip Atita(タラティプ・アティタ)さん

平成27年度後期の半年間、特別聴講生として愛知県立芸術大学 美術学部 デザイン・工芸科 デザインコースに在籍

At Aichi prefectural of Art and Music
: Taratip Atita (Nanny)
Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University

Nervous, I will write about how I feel when I got a chance to study at Aichi Prefectural University of Art and Music. First of all, when I arrived here I feel nervous because this was my first time going abroad. I was also worried about my life here such as communication, education, social and living at here as it was different from where I came from. So I was trying to learn every new things slowly by myself as much as I can. It was a little bit difficult for me but glad to learn.
Excited, after I stayed here for one week. I felt excited as I have new teachers and friends. They are so kind and very nice to me. They made me a surprise on my birthday and they took me to join every activities. That was really fun. Specially thank for Mr. Satoshi Nakashima and Mr. Takashi Honda who always help and support me since my first day here until now. I was so excited to study with Japanese friends.
For my lessons, there are 3 projects that I need to study:

1. Training of making model: I have learned about how to make a model. I got many new techniques that I can apply to my work in Thailand from Mr. Takashi Honda who is professor of this project


2. Design for the disaster: I learned how to design things for helping the victims due to disaster.
I have think about what the victims need or something that can help rely on that specific disaster. Mr. Satoshi Nakashima and Mr. Clemens Metzler (professor of this project) taught me about how to design and they also gave me the good ideas of how to present effectively. They guided how to make everyone understand what I'm doing to help the victims.

3. Design from observation: I learned how to design from observation. I need to design something which can solve problems in the library. I observed the behavior of people in the library then I learned at the library than I learned to solve the problem and I got new ideas for my work.
In addition, I also attended Sketch class and workshop Urban Pop-up. I had a lot of fun and got many friends from this activity.



Last but not least, I learned lots of things and got many new techniques from these projects. Most importantly, I can improve my English and Japanese skill. I learned more about culture, society, friendship and everything. I visited many places and learned different cultures and history. I love Japanese museums both Art and Science museum. I would like to say "Thank you" for everything and everyone that I can be here. These will be my valuable memories in my life.


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