【終了】Application for Artist-in-Residence 2020

Aichi University of the Arts invites artists from around the world to the university through an artist-in-residence program with the goal of promoting collaboration in education and artistic activities. By inviting artists (including artist groups) who are actively engaged in artistic endeavors, the university aims to enhance exchanges among artists, faculty members and students, and thereby adds some fresh air to the university as an education and research hub with an active atmosphere.

We will invite a residency artist of 2020 as follows:

Number of Resident Artists:

1 person (or 1 group)

Focus Area

Fine Arts (painting, sculpture, installation, print making, design, photography, film, etc.)

Residency Period

September 1, 2020 - December 18, 2020 (more than 50 days)

Application Period

December 20, 2019

Application Procedure

Application Guidelines for Artist in Residence 2020

◆Submission of the application documents by post

The following application document and artworks must be sent by post to Art Information and PR Section of AUA:

1) Application form (Word) [Download from here]

2)Portfolio of Artworks: JIS A4 size; free format; any number can be included.

For video and audio works, they must to be edited and attached as a DVD, CD, etc. as appropriate.

◆Filling in the form on website

Please fill in the form on website below.



* Submission of the application documents by e-mail is not acceptable. Be sure to send the application documents by post to reach AUA no later than the deadline.

* It will not be accepted as an official application if the applicant don't complete to send the application documents by post and fill in the form on the website.

More details, please see [the Application Guidelines].

About Artist in Residence



For any question about the application, please contact the following by e-mail

Aichi University of the Arts, Art Information and PR Section

1-114 Yazakosagamine, Nagakute, Aichi, 480-1194, Japan

E-mail: geijo(at)mail.aichi-fam-u.ac.jp

Contact Person: Ayano Mizuma